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Supply your next project with superior, reliable concrete products


We stock approximately 70 types of CMUs for structural wall builds, ultra-low carbon CMUs, and SRWs for retaining walls. Browse our list of products below.

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8" CMU

  • 8" Flat-End CMU (Plain Flat Ends)

  • 8" Stretcher CMU (Mortar Groove Ends)

  • 8" Sash CMU (3/4" Control Joint One End)

  • 8" Header

  • 8" Open Restricted Bond Beam

  • 8" Closed Restricted Bond Beam

  • 8" Column Block Open Core

  • 8" Half

  • 8" Half-High

  • 8" Single Bullnose End

  • 8" Half Single Bullnose

  • 8" Double Bullnose End

  • 8" Half Double Bullnose

  • 8" Double Bullnose Face

  • 8" Stand-up Beam Lintel

  • 8" Deep U-Block

  • 8" Split Faced Texture

  • 8" Split Faced Corner

  • 8" Split Faced Open Restricted Bond Beam

  • 8" Split Faced Closed Restricted Bond Beam

  • 8" Split Faced Cap

  • 8"/4" Split Faced Universal Corner

DSC00020-2 (1).jpg

Ultra-Low Carbon Concrete Blocks Made With CarbonBuilt

We're proud to be the first block supplier to offer ultra-low carbon concrete blocks that permanently remove carbon from the atmosphere at no additional cost.

On-Time, Reliable Delivery

Our team of drivers is dedicated to providing prompt and reliable deliveries, keeping your project on track. Delivery is available for job sites in and around Alabama  We also provide sand, mortar, and other masonry hardware. 


For delivery requests, call us or fill out the form below.

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