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Blair Block is proudly supplying the world's first ultra-low carbon concrete blocks in partnership with CarbonBuilt

Committed to Reducing Carbon

At Blair Block, we understand that caring deeply about our customers and community means caring deeply about our environment.

That’s why we have integrated CarbonBuilt's carbon-sequestering technology into our production—enabling us to reduce our environmental impact and promote a greener approach to manufacturing.

CarbonBuilt’s proprietary technology reduces the carbon footprint of Blair Block’s CMU by 70%, with no compromise on price, product performance, or plant operations.

CarbonBuilt Ultra-Low Carbon Concrete: How It Works
CarbonBuilt Ultra-Low Carbon Concrete

CarbonBuilt Ultra-Low Carbon Concrete: How It Works


Now Supplying Ultra-Low Carbon Concrete Blocks In Alabama

Blair Block's ultra-low carbon concrete blocks made with CarbonBuilt are being used in municipal projects throughout Alabama. Contractor C&C Masonry will integrate the blocks—which meet the same specifications as traditional blocks and come at no additional cost—into both existing and new contracts.

“Thanks to Blair Block and CarbonBuilt, we’re now able to offer a much more sustainable option to customers without changing the way we operate, asking our masons to handle heavier blocks, or asking our clients to pay more. Everybody wins.” 

Scott Cunningham, C&C Masonry

Interested in CarbonBuilt Blocks?

Reduce the carbon footprint of your next project with ultra-low carbon CMU from our Childersburg plant. Get in touch with us to request a quote.

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